Weekend Style File: Industrial

20130602-150809.jpgSo another week has passed and the weather here in Melbourne has taken a turn for the worse. Winter is definitely coming! So it’s time to curl up on the sofa and get blogging. The inspiration for this weekend’s style file actually comes from a friend’s apartment block. After torrential down pours on Friday, making it virtually impossible to get a cab, we finally made it to her apartment for birthday drinks, only a little bit worse for wear.

The apartment building itself is a converted factory and upon stepping inside you are given clues as to the nature of the industry once located there. Vintage posters advertising chocolate hint at days gone by and the interior remains true to it’s industrial roots. The foyer has been left as a huge open space with dark wooden floors, exposed bricks, pipe work and supporting beams, no fussy decor or carpets in sight. I love this style and think it works really well in large spaces or open plan lofts. Therefore, this week I shall be exploring interiors with an industrial look …

This style is all about stripping back large industrial spaces to the bare minimum leaving a few exposed features, such as brickwork and metal pipes. I love the use of up cycled machinery and simple ergonomic furniture. Although colour can feature, the colour scheme for this style usually consists of greys, browns and blacks due to the materials used in the furniture. While it is often used in big spaces and runs the risk of feeling cold and sterile. It can actually have the opposite effect and provide a cosy feel.

The giant rust effect clock looks stunning against the exposed bricks in this interior.

20130602-151805.jpgA stunning log burner provides a central feature, while a deep teal coloured sofa adds warmth. Also love the exposed copper pipes creating a balcony on the mezzanine above.




20130602-152208.jpgLove the mix of quirky accessories that livens up this room.

These stools are amazing and look striking against the rustic wooden island.

The use of metal lampshades is common in this theme and this one is an interesting feature.

Industrial style bedrooms and kitchens can also work …





Create your own Industrial interior with these 5 steps:

– Strip back large open plan spaces to their bare minimum.

– Create a feature out of exposed brickwork, pipes and supporting columns.

– Light the space with vintage lightbulb pendants, metal lampshades or large spotlights.

– Use ergonomic/up-cycled furniture made from old wood, metal and machinery.

– Decorate with quirky, vintage accessories, linked to the history of the building where possible.

There are many elements of this style which I love and whilst you can make it work in smaller spaces I think it is best suited if you have a large open plan living area. Industrial influences can be seen a lot in current retailing furniture and elements of it can work well as part of other themes. How could you make it work in your own space?