From pillar to post

I’m always excited to take on a new household project, especially one that turns a previously redundant part of the house into something practical. This particular project has been staring me in the face for a while (quite literally!). The ceiling support pillar in our kitchen, a remnant of previous works on the house, had previously been somewhere to lean or an obstacle to manoeuvre around. However, whilst browsing Pinterest I had a lightbulb moment – Why don’t I paint it with blackboard paint? IMG_1170 I already owned the paint, having bought it a few months ago after being inspired to create an indoor blackboard for my little boy to scrawl on when he gets older. But I couldn’t think of a suitable space … until now. So in the last week I have picked up my paintbrush and begun covering the pillar in matt black paint. Having never painted with black before, the first few strokes were quite daunting. There’s something very final about decorating with black, once you’ve started there’s no going back! A few coats, some elbow grease and several baby naps later, and I’m pretty pleased with the result. It still needs a bit of finishing off and some added dust, but now I have a handy place to write reminders, shopping lists or inspirational quotes. Once up and running with scribbles I’ll report back with some pictures!


A Welcome Return


Well 2014 was quite a year … having fallen of the blogging bandwagon for a while due to international relocation, house renovations and the arrival of a small person, I am now back on board. I wanted to start the year with a post to recap on the work carried out on our bathroom. Having moved back to the UK in June, after spending 15 months in Australia, there were some changes to our house we were very keen to make.

First up was an overhaul of our dated bathroom!

Before the changes our bathroom was damp, dreary and difficult to clean, but now it’s fresh and bright, and one of my favourite rooms in the house. Whilst the overall look of the room is modern, there is still a nod to the Art Deco period of the house with pale blue metro tiles around the shower, a walnut effect sink unit, marble effect grey floor tiles, chrome accessories and crisp white walls.

With the work carried out over several months, it made me realise how taken for granted the bathroom can be and how much of a difference an updated bathroom can make to daily living, especially while heavily pregnant!

I did a lot of research before deciding on the final scheme, browsing pictures of Art Deco style, different bathrooms as well as trawling bathroom websites to look at fixtures and fittings. As our bathroom is such a small space I decided to make a feature of the tiles around the shower with a pop of pale blue, this was contrasted with white to make the space feel bigger. Although the introduction of colour in a small room can sometimes be oppressive, I didn’t want an all white bathroom as I felt it would feel too sterile and bland.

The shade of blue I chose is important as it gives a receding effect and the gloss finish reflects the light. Below are some pictures from different stages of the makeover as well as the end result.


Getting there …

IMG_1681             IMG_1670

IMG_1728            IMG_1708

And finally …

reno9                reno12reno10                reno13

I think you’ll agree its a vast improvement on before and I feel we’ve made the most of the space available by maximising storage using a mirrored wall cabinet and floating sink unit. The rainfall shower head is one of my favourite pieces and it certainly makes my morning shower feel like a real treat.

Do you have a favourite part of your bathroom? Or have you ever had to use clever design to make the best use of a small space?