A Welcome Note

Hello and welcome to my blog, an outlet to share my ‘awe’ of all things Interior Design.

From a young age I’ve always been passionate about interiors. As a child I was always rearranging my bedroom furniture, scouring interiors magazines and spending all my money on accessories for my bedroom. Whether visiting friends, babysitting or trawling round English country houses I’ve always been fascinated to see what people have ‘done with the place’ and how it compared to my own vision.

Back in November 2011, my husband and I were lucky enough to buy our first house together. I envisaged with excitement how we would transform the place. However, most ideas never saw fruition due to financial constraints and our impending emigration to Australia. So neutral colours won out over more creative colour schemes in order to appeal to renters. Still, the process of mentally planning colour schemes and designs has taught me a lot and given me ideas for future reference.

Having recently arrived on Australian shores, I am now embarking on a new adventure in the city of Melbourne. I have already been seduced by the city’s multicutural atmosphere and laid back bohemian vibe and look forward to exploring what design inspiration Melbourne has to offer. Through this blog I will test out some of my ideas, explore different styles and generally inspire awe through beautiful Interiors.

I hope you find something that inspires you …