Weekend Style File: Royal Style

With all the excitement surrounding the birth of a new heir to the British throne, this week’s theme has a royal twist. Although they are not everyone’s cup of tea, I am most definitely a royalist and have always been fascinated by the eccentricities of the royal family and how they live. Being so far away from home, it has been lovely to see so many people wanting to share in Will & Kate’s happiness, as well as seeing fellow country men find an excuse to do what they do best.

Being born into the Windsor family, Prince George will grow up surrounded by beautiful royal interiors. I’m sure there are many people that would love to take a closer look at the royal residences. So I have attempted to capture the essence of royalty, as well as including some speculated designs of the royal nursery and a sneak peek into Buckingham Palace. Whilst we are not all lucky enough to live in a Palace or castle, it is still possible to bring certain features into smaller, more modest abodes.

Royal style is wonderfully decadent and steeped in history and tradition. Extravagant displays of wealth and status have created some stunning interiors. With heirlooms and furniture passed down through generations, antiques and traditional furnishings feature heavily. This is an element I love, as not only is it environmentally sound, but you know that each piece has a story to tell.

The colours used tend to be deep and rich, alongside soft pastels complimented by gilt frames, intricate cornicing and large chandeliers. Luxurious fabrics ad dramatic curtains are draped against a backdrop of patterned wallpaper. Fireplaces often provide a grand, central feature and rooms are accented with lavish finishes such as wall sconces and ornate coving.

20130811-190017.jpgA stunning chandelier and elegant cornicing.

20130811-190332.jpgDays gone by …

Fit for a banquet.

20130811-190528.jpgThis deep blue makes a stunning feature.

20130811-190723.jpgPatterned wallpaper is a prominent feature of royal style and this botanical one is particularly beautiful.

20130811-192356.jpgThis Soft green is an elegant colour choice for the provincial style furniture.

20130811-192727.jpgModern classic furniture is combined with more traditional accessories.

20130811-193013.jpgA more modest, but British take on the theme.

Buckingham Palace

20130811-193121.jpgThe throne room.

20130811-193414.jpgDrawing room with luxurious yellow seating.

20130811-193529.jpgA royal corridor.

20130811-193621.jpgLazy fireside living.

20130811-193835.jpgSimple yet stunning.

Rooms with a more modern take on the theme.






Royal Nursery Interiors



Regal bathrooms





Create your own royal style interior with these 5 steps:

– Cover walls with large intricate patterned wallpaper or deep rich colours.

– Choose antique and provincial style furnishings.

– Cover floors with a large traditional style rug.

– Enhance fireplaces with candelabras, large ornate mirrors and vases.

– Accessorise with gilt golden frames, mirrors and wall sconces.

As the saying goes, an Englishman’s (or woman’s) home is his (or her) castle … so hopefully now you have an idea of how to make your castle fit for a king (or queen!).

Source: , Eye for design, Marthafied, Beautiful Interiors, Varrell, idesignarch, 900house.



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