The Great Gatsby – Weekend Style File: Art Deco

Having started a new job 2 weeks ago here in Melbourne, I’ve been kept busy and so a new blog entry is definitely overdue! I promise it’s worth the wait … After celebrating our 10 year anniversary yesterday, my husband and I are having a chilled out day today, which gives me the perfect opportunity to partake in one of my favourite past times – gazing at beautiful interiors. I have decided that in an attempt to create a regular feature I will post a weekend style file focusing on a particular Interior style each week.

With my birthday fast approaching this month, I had been pondering over my plans. And when I saw the trailer for The Great Gatsby remake I knew a trip to the movies to see it was definitely in order! The trailer reminded me about everything I love about the 1920’s/1930’s and the Art Deco style and so that is the inspiration for this weekend’s post. Enjoy!

This style is all about sophisticated glamour, so it’s no wonder it originated in France. I love the extravagance of this era and the use of sleek, artistic furniture. I’ve always been drawn to the symmetry and order of this style and love the sweeping curves and definitive edges. Black accents provide contrast as part of a dramatic monochrome colour scheme.

It’s a distinctive style, which adds colour with blue-grey and jade accents. The addition of mirrored surfaces and crystal chandeliers creates a decadent feel. The way this style combines functionality with elegance makes it a popular choice for interiors, as does it’s timeless good design and ability to compliment other styles, as well as stand alone.

This room uses a combination of curves and symmetrical straight edges. The extravagant light fitting provides a central focal point.

This interior is courtesy of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s beautiful Californian mansion. The soft elegant seating works well with the stylish black and metallic furniture and the pink flowers provide a pop of colour against the muted blue-grey colour palette.

This room has more of a kitsch feel with the bold yellow walls and eclectic use of furniture.

Art deco also works well in the bathroom with the intricate mirror shape reflected in the tiles. The stylish tear drop lights compliment the decadent marble basin.

Provincial French style furniture creates a sophisticated look against a yellow and grey colour scheme.

A more masculine take on Art Deco using symmetry and monochrome.

The use of curves and soft textures against brown tones gives a rustic feel.

Key elements of Art Deco style

– Art Deco Interiors often use a contrasting monochrome colour scheme or a soft pastel palette.

– Furniture is decorative and artistic with dramatic curves and sharp edges.

– Symmetrical patterns, including the iconic fan print and geometric shapes create interesting design.

– Mirrored and glass surfaces are used to add glamour.

– Blue and green accents add a pop of colour.

I love taking inspiration from Art Deco and many of my interior choices are based on this theme. One of my favourite elements is the use of mirrored glass surfaces, what is yours?

Image source: House to home, Modern house designs, NY Daily News, Decor4all, House to home, House to home, House to home, House to home,


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